I started "taking pictures" over 30 years ago. I had a camera with me almost everywhere I stood (Minolta Maxxum AF 7000).

I realized that within the last 20 years that I had an eye for photography and a passion to go with it. Since then, I have set out to learn from professional photographers as well as voraciously reading MANY books, magazines, and field guides and practicing. Applying these methods and techniques has enabled me to capture some wonderful images of people, places, and things!

I am a “semi-pro” photographer because it’s not what I do as a full time job. It’s my passion, therefore, I get paid to do what I love and have become good at - action, event, and outdoor portrait photography!

If you need a photographer for an event, I would be more than happy to help you capture the moment(s) every step of the way - SPORTS, outdoor portraits, horse shows, dog shows, rodeo, birthdays, martial arts, campaign fund raisers, you name it!